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5th Aug 2018

Sick of love? In love with love (or yourself)? Trying to get through some serious heartache? Bring your pals, your partner or come udderly alone: we’ve got shows to soothe the heartsick and tickle everyone’s fancy.

Stupid Cupid | Bristo Square | 12:10 (13:10)

If Love is a drug, meet the dealer. She’s just starting out though and in her final exam makes a proper rookie error. Hey, we all remember our first love, right? Messy stuff. If you’ve ever felt confused about love, don’t know where to find it or how to keep it, let Cupid lead the way in this hilarious look at our relationship with love. Why are you so obsessed with me?

Love Songs | Cowgate | 14:40 (15:40)

Feeling a bit philosophical about this whole thing? Don’t put yourself out to pasture just yet. Alissa Anne Jeun Yi’s one-woman spoken word show seeks to educate and empower us all beyond the bedroom. Expect killer tunes, comedy, spoken word and rap with the autobiographical poems of a hopeless romantic. It’s Love from a modern perspective.

Onstage Dating | Cowgate | 21:20 (22:20)

Looking for love but all forms of conventional and non-conventional dating just don’t cast the net wide enough for you? We feel you. Meet Bron, going on first dates live onstage. Featuring a different person each night (could be you!), watch first-hand as modern dating goes next level. A moo-vellous night out for curious singletons.

Be More Do Better But Don’t Change | Bristo Square | 21:50 (22:50)

Bet you’ve heard that nugget of wisdom before. So has Roisin and she’s sick of pretending that Love is fun. It’s boring and sweaty and embarrassing and it’s her civic duty to talk about it. Don’t drink and complain about it alone, it’s much more fun together. For when you need a bit of comedy catharsis.

Frieda Loves Ya! | Bristo Square | 22:25 (23:25)

LOVE IS POWER. JOIN THE REVOLUTION. Frieda Love is a cabaret clown attempting to save the world through comedy song, dance and guerrilla burlesque and she may need your help. Celebrate all things love as Frieda travels through alternate universes (and numerous wigs) to find out what it is that brings us all together (spoiler: it’s probably Love). For adults who love love!

Posted by Becky Leary