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All You Can Eat Comedy Buffet

14th Jul 2017

Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an all you can eat buffet where everything tastes amazing and your plate is definitely not big enough. So what to pick when there's almost too much choice? We've gathered a fine menu of comedy picks at the Underbelly. So feed yourself on some funny and forget a summer-ready workout, with all the side-splitting laughter, and stomach crunching hilarity you'll have abs of steel by the end of the Fringe! 


Stand Up - serving up some of the best. 

John Bishop: Winging It
Med Quad | 2.40pm | More Info

Eveyone's favourite Scouse is at the Fringe with his new show Winging It! One of the UK's comedy royalty - John Bishop has shot into stardom. Only three years after his first gig he was already playing to sold-out stadium audiences. Having released the fastest selling comedy DVD the UK has ever seen, John Bishop is it safe to say is one of the best comics of today and one of the most loved. 
‘Unimprovable... comedy superstar.’ ★★★★ Daily Telegraph. 


Alexei Sayle
Med Quad | 6.45pm | More Info 

We're going to make you an offer you can't refuse. Come and see Alexei Sayle the Godfather of alternative comedy. Alexei's varied career spans work as comic, novelist, actor and columnist. His recent BBC Radio 4 series Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar was nominated for a Chortle Award! 
'Fearlessly funny.'★★★★★ Metro


Aditi Mittal: Global Village Idiot
Med Quad | 6.35pm | More Info

Aditi’s Edinburgh debut explores how her place in our global village makes her feel she belongs nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Confusing for someone who’s always been the village idiot, no matter how global it is. One of the first women to do stand-up comedy in India, Aditi has been rated amongst India’s top 10 stand-up comedians. She has performed around the world and lands at the Fringe for the very first time. 

Athena Kugblenu: KMT
Med Quad | 5.50pm | More Info

In her debut hour, Athena Kugblenu finds a new way to talk about politics, class, race and identity at a time both ends of the political spectrum couldn't be any further apart.
 'Authentic, beautifully pleasingly original comedy.' ★★★★


Character Comedy - à la Mode.

Demi Lardner: Look What You Made Me Do
Cowgate | 9.20pm | More Info

Gym short wearing, dog-house building, mid-life crisis bearing Gavin is stuck in his basement. See a 23-year-old Demi act out her mid-life crisis under the guise of a shitty stepdad who builds luxury doghouses. As heard on We Are Not Doctors podcast and seen on Just For Laughs. Demi has scooped up an impressive number of awards including: Winner: Directors Choice Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017. Winner: Best Newcomer, Sydney Comedy Festival 2016. Winner: RAW, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2013. Winner: So You Think You're Funny, Edinburgh Fringe 2013. Nominee: Best Newcomer, Melbourne. Winner: Underbelly Adelaide Award 2017. To name a few. 

Tom Neenan: Attenborough
Med Quad | 3.55pm | More Info

Character comedy in its natural habitat. Acclaimed character comedian Tom Neenan presents a show about the life, ambitions and adventures of the world's greatest living naturalist, broadcaster and adventurer, David Attenborough. 
'One man narrative juggernaut.’ ★★★★ List 

Graham Dickson is The Narcissist
Cowgate | 8.10pm | More Info 

Absurdity and silliness collide with toxic male egos in this wildly overblown debut from Graham Dickson, star of Austentatious. Grigoriy Alexeivich Dhukov is one of the world's greatest unsung literary talents. The tragic and inspiring story of the great Russian absurdist is brought to thrilling life in this bold theatrical adaptation of his masterpiece, The Narcissist. Or is it? A character comedy show where no one can be trusted... 
A star is born with Graham Dickson... divine charisma.’ A Younger Theatre 


Australia's National Dishes... 

Rhys Nicholson: I'm Fine
Med Quad | 9.15pm | More Info

Award-winning Rhys Nicholson brings his own brand of comedy to the Fringe from Down Under. He promises that he'll try his best but hey, if it doesn't work out hating on someone is just as much fun as a laugh right? Right?! Either way he'll certainly be exceeding fine
'So clearly match-fit. The most powerful he's ever been. He comes in peace and leaves you in pieces.' ★★★★ The Herald Sun


Steen Raskopoulos – The Coolest Kid in Competitive Chess
Cowgate | 8.00pm | More Info
Chess is cool. Chess players are cool. Steen is the Coolest Kid in Competitive Chess. Seen on Top Coppers, Sky's Halloween Shorts and Whose Line is it Anyway? Australia - Steen Raskopoulos is here in a brand-new hour of comedy characters and inspired spontaneity. 
'Triple threat of performance, material and charisma. A flawless hour of comedy.' ★★★★★ The Herald 


If that's tickled your fancy and made you hungry for more, check out the full line-up of comedy here! 

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