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Can you feel the Love this Fringe?

31st Jul 2019

Whether you’re in a relationship, single and ready to mingle, or still thinking about that really embarrassing thing you did on a date last week (just us?) these shows about love, relationships and modern dating are perfect for the in-love and lovesick alike.

The Grand Scheme of Things l Underbelly Cowgate l 1.40PM (2.40PM) l 01 – 25 August

Flora and Nic have been friends for years, for pretty much the whole of history. But now their shared history is ripping them apart. As they destroy their own relationship in the name of self-protection, they reveal what they truly mean to each other, and how they'll fight for what they believe in. Kopfkino return to Edinburgh with The Grand Scheme of Things, a deeply personal show about scapegoating and living through revolutionary times.

Monsoon Season l Underbelly Cowgate l 2.25PM (3.25PM) l 01 – 25 August

A brutally demented romantic comedy. It’s monsoon season in Phoenix, and recently separated couple Danny and Julia are spiralling into chaos. A strip club’s flashing neon sign is keeping Danny awake at night, and Julia’s Adderall addiction has only gotten worse since her dealer moved in. Danny is suffering from micro-blackouts and Julia keeps seeing a giant bird in her backyard. Is anyone taking care of their child? 

James Barr: Thirst Trap l Underbelly Cowgate l 5.20PM (6.20PM) l 01 – 25 August

James Barr, as seen asking Justin Bieber about his penis, in a hilarious and increasingly desperate attempt to find a boyfriend. You'll never look at an avocado the same way again. 2019 dating is a disaster. James Tinder-style swipes the audience to meet 'The One'; it could be you!

HOTTER l Underbelly Cowgate l 8PM (9PM) l 12 – 25 August

Hello, we're Ell and Mary. We're best friends and ex-girlfriends and we're bored of playing it cool. So this is a show about what gets you hot. We asked women and transpeople aged 11-97 what makes them sweat, rub and gush. OK, we didn't ask the 11-year-old exactly the same questions. We made a sweaty verbatim dance party out of their answers.

Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff) l Underbelly Cowgate l 10.40PM (11.40PM) l 13 – 25 August

Combining heartfelt tales of relationship highs, lows and the downright confusing, Carys Eleri's marvellously personal show is told with plenty of sass, chocolate, hugs and bangin' tunes too. Come and discover how love works within all of us, why it makes us do crazy things and why hugging is the answer.

Climb l Underbelly Bristo Square l 2.40PM (3.40PM) l 31 July – 26 August

Climb is a live album brought to life through compelling characters, storytelling, and original music blending bossa nova, jazz, reggae, and soul, written and performed by Duane Forrest. Climb traces the ups and downs of a relationship as Diego journeys from a devastating breakup to meeting the captivating Mariela, who is grappling with her own difficult past. 

You and I: A New Musical l Underbelly Bristo Square l 5.10PM (6.25PM)

What do you do when the world’s first super intelligent robot turns up at your door asking about the origins of the universe, karaoke and the meaning of porn? Fran is about to find out. With a soulful folk score from the writers of hit musical ‘Buried’, this touching new musical comedy explores love, loss and what it really means to be human.

Ticker l Underbelly Cowgate l 4.10PM (5.10PM) l 1 – 25 August

Ticker follows twenty-something Spencer, a Geordie millennial who is deeply in love with the inestimable Gabi. But Spencer’s life is torn apart by Gabi’s untimely - and unexplained - death. How can he even begin to cope with finding himself suddenly a prime suspect and a chief mourner? Themes of outsider grief and loneliness meet black-humour and frank dialogue, exploring male identity, toxic aggression, and how not talking about things can eventually lead to self-destruction. 

Karam Deo: Table for One l Underbelly Cowgate l 9.50PM (10.50PM) l 01 – 15 August

If you've been unlucky in love, nothing makes you feel better about yourself than laughing at someone else. Enter Karam Deo, as he takes you on his personal journey of regretful romances and dating disasters. This charmingly cheeky show combines witty musical numbers and hilarious storytelling to prove that it's a fine line between hopelessly romantic and romantically hopeless.

Lobster l Underbelly Bristo Square l 12PM (12.50PM) l 31 July – 26 August

In 30 years, the cultural change in courtship has been enormous. Today, overwhelmed by technology, are we losing sight of what human connection truly is...? Based entirely on real-life experiences, this hilarious, romping, multimedia exposé of modern dating scrutinises the deeper, brutal side of love and life, challenging our preconceptions of women and dating, sex and autonomy. From dreadful dates to exciting encounters, Tinder swiping, sexting, dick pics, pressuring parents and supportive friends... 

Posted by Lizzie Kunkler