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Day and Night…

14th Aug 2014

Think New York is the city that never sleeps? You clearly haven't been to Edinburgh during August!

Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, we've got a Fringe experience in store for you! In some ways, Morning Gloryville and Hot Dub Time Machine couldn't be more different. But they're actually a pair of rather kindred spirits...

A truly unique Fringe experience, Morning Gloryville is your chance to join the sober rave-olution and start your day in style! The dynamic team have already grabbed London by its disco balls and are now bringing the AM party to Edinburgh. Come along to McEwan Hall any time between 9 and 12am on Saturday and enjoy soul-shaking dance, electrifying music, yoga, massage and a mind blowing double-espresso! 

And if you still haven't got all the rave out of your system, there's always, of course, the Best. Party. Ever!

Hot Dub Time Machine returns following smash-hit total sell-out seasons worldwide, and hot on the heels of a huge UK tour last autumn. Travel back to 1954, and then Moonwalk, Mashed Potato and Macarena your way back to 2014 with a song from each year!

Of course, the real question is... can you handle BOTH? Why not give it a go this weekend... let us know what happens!

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