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Don’t Rain on my Parade!

6th Aug 2019

So it's raining at the Fringe, we hope you packed an anorak! Did you really think we'd make it through the month without a little (or torrential) downpour? Lucky for you we've got plenty of spaces for you to hunker down in and escape the rain, plus we'll keep you fed and entertained while we're at it!

Why not spend your day exploring Cowgate? With the first show Rocket Girl starting at 10.50am and Spank! providing the party until 3am (with over 70 shows on in between) you could literally stay in the vaults all day. Boasting several buzzing bars, Cowgate is also home to our Cow Café, the perfect place to grab a bite (cheese toastie sandwiches, yes please!) and decide which show to see next! 

Or, if you're stranded near Bristo Square, slip into a show in the epic McEwan Hall. Go back in time with Erth's Dinosaur Zoo, relive Mary Shelley's classic at Manual Cinema's Frankenstein, or grab a drink and prepare to laugh really, really hard with Shit Faced Shakespeare at 11PM! Need a bit of variety? Nip around the other nine venues at Bristo Square, there's always something on if there's an unexpected downpoar!

Looking for the warmest place at the Fringe? Well, that would be inside the belly of Violet, the giant purple cow grazing in George Square! Housing a whole herd of incredible acts, including Mr. Men and Little Miss On Stage, Abandoman, Fags, Mags and Bags, Andrew Maxwell, Heroes and NewsRevue, this is the perfect place to hide away from the elements for an hour or two. If you're in need of a tipple to warm your cockles at George Square then trot over to The Woodsman Bar, where you can enjoy the finest whiskey and a selection of drinks in their signature sheltered tipi!

Perhaps circus is more your style? Our Circus Hub on the Meadows has two venues to keep you dry throughout the day, The Lafayette and The Beauty. If the pesky rain has already got you wet, why not go and see the Splash Test Dummies do their thing? Pretend you're on a hot beach, roll out your beach towels and spring into an hour of circus-filled hilarity for the whole family!

Then dry off with lots of exceptional, international circus. Get your feminist kicks with YUCK Circus, or check out Kombini, the circus equivalent of drinking a steaming mug of hot chocolate! Get your energy levels back up with the banging tunes and acrobatic feats of Filament, then prepare to have your mind blow at Super Sunday! Caught in a late night shower? Little Death Club and Rouge will keep you dry and debauched far into the night!

Posted by Lizzie Kunkler