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Edinburgh Fringe Debuts!

8th Aug 2019

You know what they say, you never forget your first time! These shows are making their Edinburgh Fringe debuts this year, so go and show them a cow-normous amount of love...

AJ Holmes: Yeah, but Not Right Now | Underbelly Cowgate | 4.30PM (5.30PM) | 01 - 25 August

Award-winning actor, writer and composer AJ Holmes makes his Edinburgh debut with an hour of stand-up, storytelling, and songs! Known from The Book of Mormon on Broadway, London's West End, San Francisco and Sydney, AJ was also a staff writer on South Park and a collaborator on A Very Potter Musical!

Ange Lavoipierre: Final Form | Underbelly George Square | 10.40PM (11.40PM) | 31 July - 26 August

Two parts fever dream and one part personality quiz, Final Form examines the desperate lengths we go to in our eternal quest to be liked. Expect ghosts, a cello, the 1950s sociologist Erving Goffman, and plenty of twists from Ange Lavoipierre in this acclaimed comedy debut. 

Saskia Preston: Ninety-Five | Underbelly Bristo Square | 1.50PM (2.50PM) | 31 July - 25 August

Debut show from Saskia Preston, writer for Radio 4’s The Now Show, News Quiz & 4Extra’s Newsjack. A family birthday party back in a childhood setting is a trigger for a wander down memory’s estrada. Featuring gay bars and needless Portuguese words.

Drunk Women Solving Crime | Underbelly Bristo Square | 7.20PM (8.20PM) | 03 - 11 August

One of the most talked about new comedy podcasts of the last year makes its fringe debut on the back of its sell out London residency. This is a true crime podcast with a twist...of lime. 

Just Desserts | Underbelly Cowgate | 10.40PM (11.40PM) | 01 - 11 August

Don't miss this delicious UK debut as Australia's singing cook turns up the heat in her award-winning musical food cabaret. Featuring a live rock-pop-powered soundtrack, this sensual chanteuse explores empowerment, social pressure, our obsession with perfection and desire through song, sex and sugar. Includes dessert! 

BalletBoyz: Them/Us | Underbelly Bristo Square | 1PM (2PM) | 31 July - 15 August

The award-winning all-male company makes an explosive Edinburgh debut. With contrasting scores by artist Keaton Henson and composer Charlotte Harding, this double-bill asks where we see ourselves in relation to the “other”.

Magical Bones: Black Magic | Underbelly Bristo Square | 6.25PM (7.25PM) | 31 July - 25 August

The star of international stage hit Impossible makes his much-anticipated Edinburgh Fringe debut. Join one of the most explosive names in street magic today as he effortlessly combines intricate sleight of hand with jaw dropping break-dance moves in one of the most awe-inspiring shows you’ll see this festival.

Jon Long: Planet Killing Machine | Underbelly Bristo Square | 9.20PM (10.30PM) | 31 July - 26 August

Debut hour from Jon Long: lapsed Catholic, recovering alcoholic, partially disabled, straight white millennial... oh what does it matter?! He's a planet-killing machine, and so are you! Is it too late? Can we be saved? 

Flora Anderson: Romantic | Underbelly Bristo Square | 3.10PM (4.10PM) | 31 July - 25 August

Ridiculously self-aware middle-class dreamer Flora does a show about trying and failing to be creative in the big city. Is she an epic Romantic vagabond or just an entitled absolute pr*ck? Debut hour from the Laughing Horse New Act Of The Year finalist!

Danny MacAskill's Drop and Roll Live | Underbelly's Circus Hub | 3PM (4PM) | 02 - 24 August

Led by world-famous trials rider and YouTube sensation Danny MacAskill, Drop & Roll make their long-awaited Edinburgh Fringe debut with a brand new show featuring jaw-dropping stunts!

Courtney Pauroso: Gutterplum | Underbelly Cowgate | 9.40PM (10.40PM) | 01 - 25 August

American comedian Courtney Pauroso makes her Edinburgh Fringe debut with a character clown show (definitely), burlesque show (eventually) and feminist allegory (sure, probably)!

Posted by Lizzie Kunkler