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Hidden Gems of the Fringe

10th Aug 2019

They may have missed the Fringe Brochure, but these horn-honking shows are worth a visit! A love story with a cow, an eccentric double act, and a soul choir are just some of the things you can expect...

Time Flies | Underbelly Bristo Square | 5.30PM (6.30PM) | 10 - 11 August

Join farmers David and Sam, as they share with you their untold adventures, full of mishaps and misfortunes. Unfortunately they can't promise facts. They can't even promise to make it to the end of the show. But they can promise an anarchic kaleidoscope of physical comedy, mediocre magic and a love story with a cow.

The Slinks | Underbelly Bristo Square | 10.55PM (11.55PM) | 31 July - 26 August

A melodramatic poet, a curious clown and a slanted piano. Join The Slinks, two Freedom Hunters in their late night kooky, glamorous world of music and comedy. A show steeped in satin and emotional warfare. Follow this eccentric double act through song, dance, piano, poetry, clown, oboe, costumes and mime as they translate the absurdity of a performer's life.

Joe Bor: The Story of Walter and Herbert | Underbelly George Square | 4PM (5PM) | 01 - 25 August

Award-winning comedian Joe Bor retells the story of the friendship between his grandad (world-renowned town planner, Walter Bor) and his grandad's best friend (world-renowned comedy actor, Herbert Lom) and their journey from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to the UK.

Evan Desmarais: Pizza and Ice Cream | Underbelly Bristo Square | 9.50PM (10.50PM) | 01 - 26 August

This is an hour of stand-up comedy from seasoned Canadian comedian, Evan Desmarais. Highbrow dick jokes with heart from a balding man in a backward cap.

Willis & Vere: Comedians After Hours Live | Underbelly Bristo Square | 11.20PM (12.20AM) | 15 - 17 August

Join Willis & Vere for three evenings of live comedy podcast recordings with special guests, make sure you keep an eye on Underbelly boards and flyers for guest details. 

Got Soul Choir | Underbelly Central Hall | 4PM (5PM) | 25 August

Led by soul powerhouse Maryam Ghaffari, Scotland’s funkiest choir will kickstart the final weekend of this year’s Fringe with their patented brand of uplifting, foot stomping soul classics.

Posted by Lizzie Kunkler