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IdeasTap Underbelly Award 2015

14th Jul 2015

If you're looking for fantastic new theatre writing this Fringe, look no further than the Underbelly IdeasTap Award. Every year, the winning shows each receive funding, marketing support and a venue slot here at Underbelly this Fringe.

2015's winning shows are:

Brute by Izzy Tennyson

Brute is a semi-autobiographical play based on Izzy’s teenage schooldays in a provincial English town. The plot surrounds the lives of four girls with intensely passionate friendships that escalate into violence. The play is set in a girls’ state school in the provinces among girls from white lower working-class backgrounds, many with unconventional family backgrounds, in a town far away from cosmopolitan and cultural influences. The play is mainly a monologue from the perspective of her teenage self, interwoven with scenes with the three other characters based on girls from her peer group. The themes include the economic climate, bullying and female violence, and the complexity of female adolescent friendships. 

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Family by Ben Norris

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Family is a one-man spoken-word theatre show with multimedia elements, written and performed by Ben. It explores his often-difficult relationship with his father. Last summer, Ben hitchhiked south from Nottingham, where he grew up and his dad still lives, to all the significant places from his dad’s past, hoping to better get to know the man who would one day become his father. This journey was filmed and photographed, and footage from it is used throughout the show. 

The Eulogy of Toby Peach by Toby Peach

The Eulogy is an interactive solo show where the audience are invited to the reading of Toby’s Eulogy. Toby faced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the Lymph Nodes, at 19, and then again at 21. However, The Eulogy is a celebration of life; reflecting on the challenges of remission and subsequent relapse, but also offering the chance for us to step back and marvel at modern science and the wonders of the human body. The audience are invited to the Cancer Club as Toby discovers his diagnosis and then delve into the Cocktail Bar, where they're shown the exotic mix of chemotherapy cocktails from the flaring bartender.

Much Further Out Than You Thought by Bethany Pitts

Much Further Out Than You Thought is a new one-man play that tells a tale of the very human cost of war. In any conflict there are hearts and minds that stand to be won, but there are also hearts and minds that stand to be lost. Private James Randall is one of the lost. In a botched attempt at reconciliation, James videos a birthday message to his son on Remembrance Day 2014. As a fragmented account of youthful fantasy, camaraderie and disaster unfolds, facilitated by a room full of military toys and an A Team annual, the worlds of domestic Britain and the frontline of Afghanistan fatally and violently collide.

Find out more about the shows here.

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