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Introducing Underbelly’s Circus Hub

28th Apr 2015

We are delighted to announce our brand new venue for 2015! 

Underbelly's Circus Hub is the first ever major venue dedicated to circus at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The venue will bring to the Fringe a first class international circus programme of 12 shows, and will include two European premieres, four UK premieres, five Fringe premieres, and will feature artists from across the globe, including Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Australia, Canada and Palestine. It will also show case the best in homegrown circus with five shows from the UK.

Located on The Meadows on the city's Southside, Underbelly's Circus Hub is made up of two big tops, the Lafayette (750 seats) and The Beauty (250 seats). The two venues are named after one of the world’s most famous circus performers and illusionists, The Great Lafayette and his dog Beauty, who famously both died in Edinburgh in 1911.

These venues provide the opportunity to present spectacular and technically ambitious circus work of a level that has never been seen before at the Fringe, in the heart of Edinburgh.

Highlights from the programme include:

  • Beautiful aerial circus with a double bill from one of the UK’s leading companies Ockham’s Razor, making their first ever appearance at the Fringe.
  •  Renowned international circus companies Cirk La Putyka with Dolls and Cirque Le Roux with The Elephant In The Room (UK premieres)
  • Stories of immigration, freedom, society and nationality from Belgium’s Les Inouis and B-Orders from Palestinian Circus (both UK premieres) 
  • Remarkable physical feats from France’s La Meute, and Barbu, from red-hot Canadian circus family Cirque Alfonse. 
  • There is also family fun with The Hogwallops and Trash Test Dummies. 
  • Returning to Edinburgh are LIMBO, the show that electrified Edinburgh’s Christmas 2013, and Bromance, the Total Theatre Award winning show from The Edinburgh Fringe 2014.
  • Finally there is late-night cabaret fun from Fringe favourite Piff the Magic Dragon: Breakfast At Piffany’s.

Click here to find out more about Underbelly's Circus Hub. 

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