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LGBTQ+ Pride at Underbelly

6th Jul 2018

Happy Pride!

Here at Underbelly, diversity, equality and inclusion are at the heart of what we do. We aim to provide a space that allows for self-expression and share a diverse range of voices through our programme. Loud and proud is key.

We understand the importance of providing underrepresented communities a platform to share their stories and celebrate their talents.

With Edinburgh Pride been and gone (and soggy), and London Pride this weekend, we thought we’d share our LGBTQ+ shows at this year’s Fringe so you can continue the celebrations of the rainbow flag well into August.

Courtney Act: Under the Covers
4-18 August, 6.00pm
Courtney has been under the covers with many, but not usually in front of a live audience. It’s time to get tucked in, lay back and enjoy the caress of those satin sheets as she strips songs down and flips others on their backs to show you just how gender-fluid and genre-fluid a great song can be! She will leave you pillow-fighting and pillow-biting.

Rhys Nicholson – Seminal
2-26 August, 9.05pm
In 2016 at 2am after a friend’s wedding, Rhys was very, very drunk and proposed marriage to his very, very sober boyfriend who was trying to sleep. Although at this point gay marriage wasn’t even legal in Australia so there really wasn’t any risk of actually having to go through with it. Then in November last year gay marriage was put to a public vote and passed in Australia. Now what?

Eli Matthewson: The Year of Magical F*cking
1-27 August, 9.20pm
The news is out – millennials are having less sex than our parents. Eli Matthewson is not going to take this lying down. The little gay rock stay of New Zealand comedy makes his Edinburgh debut with a call to arms for the sexless youth.

Sex Shells
2-26 August, 9.20pm

London's campest musical sketch comedy quartet is here to flame on your parade! Sex Shells is an explosion of original music, surreal sketches, wayward choreography and twisted rewrites of hits from pop, Disney and Broadway. Expect sex, drugs and social satire: Whitney Houston at the self-service checkout, Simon and Garfunkel at the GUM clinic, feminist sedition, Chicago on chems, Barbara Cartland on Grindr, and – of course – talking cigarettes

Full Throttle
14-19 August, 8.30pm

Strike a pose at our gay and glamorous Les Odalisques inaugural gala, a riotous romp of lighthearted frivolity and hot-headed hijinks on and off the stage. Sultry starlets Tatiana Diavoletto and Bleu Phoenix simper and seethe with pent-up frustration as West End Bares (fourth assistant) director Lex Del Fierno thwarts their ambitions in his pursuit of the show-stealing newcomer Beau Angel. Gatecrashing the altar of classical ballet, prepare to be wooed 'into total submission' (@LondonCityNights) as our boylesque ballerinas vogue their way to a breathless finale.

Hot Gay Time Machine
2-26 August, 10.00pm
After their multi award-winning debut at last year's Edinburgh Fringe, the hot gays are back. Bursting with 'hilarious original musical numbers' (Stage), Hot Gay Time Machine covers all the most important moments in a gay man's life, from coming out to your mum to trying not to look at cocks in the locker room. So what are you waiting for? Gay marriage? Well, we got that already so come party with the gays.

Dandy Darkly’s All Aboard!
2-27 August, 11.10pm
New York City's critically acclaimed satirist and cult horror raconteur, Dandy Darkly, returns to the Fringe for another horrific, hysteric, late-night frolic. Join Dandy aboard the infamous Gaybird Steamer for the smartest, sleaziest ride of your life. Enjoy a drippin' earful of Southern Gothic grotesquery – country fried robots, spider gods, beauty shops and inbred freakery – also trains, trains, trains! Ladies and gentlemen, All Aboard!

Like a Sturgeon
20-26 August, 8.30pm
Tackling Theresa May, Melania Trump, and Nicola Sturgeon, plus more of the world's leading ladies, lip-sync sensation Ripley pushes the boundaries of drag, pop and politics.

Joe Sutherland: Toxic
1-27 August, 8.10pm
Masculinity – isn't it, like, over? Or are there new ways to model manliness? Growing up Joe felt less like a boy, more like a Spice Girl. Now he's sort of grown up, and technically a man. This is a show about embracing girl power to create your own brand of manhood. 

Seen and Heard
2-26 August, 9.30pm
A stunning showcase of song, circus, dance, striptease and vaudeville, combined with the confessional art of storytelling. Burlesque queen and storyteller Becky Lou has trawled the glittery underbelly of the international Fringe circuit, queer parties, circus spaces and burlesque bars to bring together this incredible line-up of alt-cabaret artists willing to embrace their vulnerability and share personal stories.

Little Death Club
3-25 August, 8.00pm
The darkest, funniest and most debauched Kabarett Club this side of Berlin ! A gin soaked, Weimar-punk jazz band soundtracks a hazy night of dangerously funny kabarett, breathtaking circus and fire-breathing sideshow at its most inappropriate, provocative and hilarious best. Join multi-award-winning mistress of mayhem, Bernie Dieter (star of La Clique, EastEnd Cabaret) with her riotous, witty, and hilariously degenerate family of fantastic freaks for an unmissable night in the Spiegeltent.

Myra Dubois: We Wish You a Myra Christmas
1-26 August, 4.00pm
The self-declared siren of south Yorkshire presents a festive spectacular! In August. Join Myra DuBois for an hour of off-season seasonal sing-a-longs and summertime yuletide anecdotes from her Christmases past, all delivered in her trademark acerbic wit!

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