The Milk Round

Tom Walker: My Edinburgh

29th July 2016

Read all about what Tom Walker's expecting from his Fringe debut for a lovely giggle then see his show at Underbelly's Wee Coo in George Square from 3 - 29 August (not 15). Have you performed at the Fringe before? No... Read more

Neontopia: My Edinburgh

29th July 2016

We spoke to Neontopia, the company behind A Good Clean Heart, which you can see at Underbelly Cowgate's Belly Button from 4 - 28 August (not 8, 15, 22). Have you performed at the Fringe before? Well, we visited last year (call it a... Read more

Christian Talbot: My Edinburgh

28th July 2016

We spoke to comedian Christian Talbot about his fifth Edinburgh Fringe show, what he'll be packing and the best spots in Edinburgh. See Christian Talbot: C60 at Daisy in Underbelly's Med Quad from 3 - 29 August (not 15).  Have... Read more

Martin Murphy: My Edinburgh

28th July 2016

Here's Martin Murphy Writer / Director of Villain, playing at Underbelly's Delhi Belly at Cowgate from 4 - 28 August (not 16). The show explores the story of a child protection social worker, Rachel, who is hounded by the press and... Read more

The Krumple: My Edinburgh

27th July 2016

We caught up with The Krumple Theatre Company ahead of their debut Edinburgh Fringe show at Underbelly Cowgate's Iron Belly 4 - 28 August (not 16) about what they're expecting from the Fringe, and what audiences should expect from their show,... Read more

How I ended up getting a tattoo as part of a comedy sketch by Dan from Best Boy

26th July 2016

I don’t go up to Edinburgh every year for the Tattoo. But a tattoo is what Edinburgh and I have in common… although mine’s not Royal or Military.  Permanently dying parts of your skin... Read more

Colin Cloud: My Edinburgh

26th July 2016

After speaking to this master forensic mind reader about his Edinburgh Fringe show this year, we're even more excited to see what's in store! You can see Colin Cloud in Exposé in Underbelly's Cow... Read more

Joe DeRosa: My Edinburgh

26th July 2016

We chatted to Joe DeRosa about his Fringe debut, what to expect from his show, Zero Forward Progress, and the worst piece of advice ever about the Fringe. See him in Underbelly Cowgate's Belly Laugh 4 - 28 August (not 10, 15 or 22).... Read more