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Reviews Round Up: 19 August

19th Aug 2016

2 Become 1 ★★★★ The Upcoming 
A Good Clean Heart ★★★★ Fest 
A Simple Space ★★★★★ Broadway Baby - 
Abandoman ★★★★ Broadway Baby - 
Abandoman ★★★★ The List 
Ada/Ava ★★★★ The Scotsman 
Ada/Ava by Manual Cinema ★★★★ The Daily Record
Alix in Wundergarten ★★★★ The List 
Alix in Wundergarten ★★★★ The Scotsman
Be Prepared ★★★★ Edinburgh Guide 
Betty Grumble ★★★★ Broadway Baby 
BLUSH ★★★★ Evening Standard 
BLUSH ★★★★ The List 
Camille O’Sullivan ★★★★ ScotsGay 
Camille O’Sullivan ★★★★ The Edinburgh Reporter 
Camille O’Sullivan ★★★★ The Scotsman
Camille O’Sullivan ★★★★★ Arts Award Voice 
Chris Stokes ★★★★ One4Review 
CHRISTEENE ★★★★★ ScotsGay 
Closer by Circa ★★★★ Backstage Pass - 
Closer by Circa ★★★★★ Broadway Baby 
Closer by Circa ★★★★★ Mumble Cirque 
Colin Cloud ★★★★ The Skinny 
Colin Cloud ★★★★★ Fife Today 
Colin Cloud ★★★★★ The Edinburgh Reporter 
Colin Cloud ★★★★★The Reviews Hub 
Croft and Pearce Are Not Themselves ★★★★ One4Review 
Croft and Pearce Are Not Themselves ★★★★ The Herald 
Croft and Pearce Are Not Themselves ★★★★ The List 
Empty Beds ★★★★ Fest -
Exactly Like You ★★★★ 
Fabric ★★★★ The Scotsman 
Growing Pains ★★★★★  Broadway Baby - 
In Our Hands ★★★★ Fringe Guru
Jake Yapp ★★★★ One4Review 
Joan ★★★★ The Scotsman 
Joan ★★★★ Theatre Bubble 
John Robertson ★★★★★ Three Weeks
John Robertson: The Dark Room ★★★★ TV Bomb 
John Robertson: The Dark Room ★★★★★ Arts Award Voice 
John Robertson: The Dark Room ★★★★★ Three Weeks - 
Katie Brennan’s Quarter Life Crisis ★★★★ What’s On Stage 
Lucy McCormick ★★★★ Broadway Baby 
Lucy McCormick ★★★★★ Three Weeks 
Lunch ★★★★ Broadway Baby 
Masud Milas ★★★★ Arts Award Voice 
My World Has Exploded a Little Bit ★★★★ TV Bomb
My World Has Exploded a Little Bit ★★★★ Three Weeks 
Paper Hearts the Musical ★★★★ Arts Award Voice 
Randy Writes a Novel ★★★★ 
Randy Writes A Novel ★★★★ The Herald 
Randy Writes A Novel ★★★★ The Scotsman
Randy Writes a Novel ★★★★ The Skinny 
Rhys Nicholson ★★★★1/2 Bouquets and Brickbats 
Royal Vauxhall ★★★★ Broadway Baby 
Royal Vauxhall ★★★★ The Scotsman 
Sam Simmons ★★★★ TV Bomb 
Saturday Night Forever ★★★★ Mumble Theatre 
Saturday Night Forever ★★★★ The Stage - 
Shit-Faced Showtime ★★★★ Broadway Baby 
Spencer Jones ★★★★ 
Spencer Jones ★★★★ Mumble Comedy 
Steen Raskopoulos ★★★★★ The List 
The Durham Revue ★★★★★ EdFringe Review 
The Eulogy ★★★★ The Skinny 
The Hogwallops ★★★★ Three Weeks  
The Raunch ★★★★ One4Review 
The Starship Osiris ★★★★ Theatre Bubble
The Trunk ★★★★ The Stage 
Throwback ★★★★ Mumble Cirque 
Tom Neenan ★★★★ The Herald
Tom Walker ★★★★ A Younger Theatre 
Tom Walker ★★★★ The List -
Tracy ★★★★ Broadway Baby 
Villain ★★★★ Fringe Biscuit
Villian ★★★★ The Stage 
Wonderman ★★★★ Three Weeks 
Yokai ★★★★ Three Weeks 
Yokai ★★★★1/2 A Younger Theatre 
Zoe Coombs Marr ★★★★ The Skinny 

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