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Rhys Nicholson: My Edinburgh

8th Jul 2016

The lovely Rhys Nicholson chatted to us about his brand new show for Edinburgh Fringe 2016, and gave us all his best survival tips, like only crying in the shower. Catch his show, Bona Fide in Underbelly's Cowgate Delhi Belly from 4 - 28 August. Booking info here.

Have you performed at the Fringe before?

This will be my 4th Edinburgh Fringe which, correct me if I’m wrong, I think is listed under the clinical definition of madness. I JOKE I JOKE. I’m actually really looking forward to it. It’s a month where no one single thing makes sense anymore and that kind of consistency is very comforting. 

Where’s your favourite spot in Edinburgh?

It would be a cliche to say the top of Arthur’s Seat. You might not be able to tell from looking at my picture featuring me in heavy make up and and a three piece suit, but I’m actually a bit of a lush. I have really enjoyed going for a swim and a steam at the Scotsman Gym. During the Fringe a lot of performers go there to sweat out their hangovers. This means the whole place has the light aroma of an old distillery, long out of business.

What will you be packing in your suitcase for the Fringe?

Three suits and a chapstick. 

Do you know who Greyfriars Bobby is?

Yes. He’s what I call my genitals. I’d kindly ask you don’t bring up these type of crude questions again. 

What’s the best show you’ve ever seen at the Fringe?

There’s too many! Jeez. I’m a big ‘ol fan of Max and Ivan, Steen Raskopoulos, Zoe Coombs Marr and Daniel Sloss. Sue me. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give (or have been given) about the Fringe?

I advised plenty of comics not to go but that was only because they are better than me and would ruin things. 

My producer once said to only ever cry in the shower. No one is looking at you and you can never be sure if it’s tears or shower water. It really works.

To ceilidh or not to ceilidh?

Are you having stroke?

What can audiences expect from your show?

57 minutes of me, on a stage telling jokes I’ve told before to a huge and differing spectrum of reactions. It’ll be fine. Just come you silly goose.  

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