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Smoking Apples: My Edinburgh

7th Aug 2016

We caught up with Smoking Apples, the company behind In Our Hands, playing at Underbelly Cowgate's Belly Button from 4 - 28 August, who gave us all of their best advice for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Have you performed at the Fringe before?

Yes, we brought our show CELL to Underbelly last year. The show is a collaboration with Dogfish and uses puppetry and visual theatre to tell the story of one man's journey after he finds out he has Motor Neurone Disease.

Where’s your favourite spot in Edinburgh?

MUM's has got to be up there with one of our favourite spots. When you're cold, wet and tired, you can't beat a plate of home cooked comfort food.

What will you be packing in your suitcase for the Fringe?

Here's our top five things to pack:

1. Printer - to print any new review quotes that crop up. How else would you fuel the fun of stapling thousands of pieces of paper to flyers?

2. Sun Cream - not the most obvious choice for Edinburgh but it has happened. Some people have been burnt in Edinburgh before. Ehem, not mentioning any names.

3. Rain Jacket - in complete opposition to No. 2, you absolutely do not want to get wet and stay wet for the rest of the day.

4. Coffee Machine - This is so that our eyeballs don't fall out of our heads and we can still function in week 3. 

5. Berocca - Being ill at the Fringe is horrible so Berocca will be on the menu daily to make sure we stay fighting fit. 

Do you know who Greyfriars Bobby is?

Yes, he's the dog who spent years guarding the grave of his owner after he died. There's a statue of Bobby just around the corner from Cowgate.

What’s the best show you’ve ever seen at the Fringe?

Last year, the show on after CELL was Kraken by Trygve Wakenshaw. Every day, after the show, we would hear hysterical laughter for the first 10 minutes of the show and always wondered what on earth he could possibly be doing that was so hilarious. Anyway, we finally managed to get in to see it and well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone but hands down, it is the funniest thing you will ever see. I don't think I stopped laughing from that point onwards which is quite an achievement. My face literally ached and I had to have a sit down in a quiet room after. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give (or have been given) about the Fringe?

Be supportive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, us included but regardless of whether you liked or didn't like a show, respect the fact that everyone at the Fringe is working really hard. The variation of people and shows is one of the best things about going. 

To ceilidh or not to ceilidh?

Absolutely, to Ceilidh. Why would you not?

What can audiences expect from your show?

In Our Hands is a fast paced, energetic show about Alf, a trawler fisherman. Exploring the realities of the current fishing industry, we use our trademark style of puppetry and visual theatre to take you on Alf's journey where he pulls his crew together, reunites with his son and rescues the life he loves. From mini seagulls and fish and chips, rolls of nets and boats on sticks, expected the unexpected as Alf and his crew transport you onto the deck of the catcher's fortune with a human tale of love, loss and dogged determination.

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