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Statement from Underbelly on Fringe Employment

9th Aug 2018

Not for the first time Unite has publicly accused Underbelly of unfair employment conditions and, once again, it is absolutely untrue.

Bryan Simpson for Unite says they’ve made “repeated attempts” to engage with us. Untrue. We have not had any communications from Mr Simpson or Unite in relation to the Fair Fringe this year.

We are one of the biggest and best employers at the Fringe and we believe it is extremely important that those who work at the Fringe are treated fairly and we take exception to any suggestion that we do not so. 

There are organisations at the Fringe who do not treat their employees fairly. Underbelly is not one of them. 

Underbelly employs 470 people at the Edinburgh Fringe and we’re very proud that we bring significant employment to Edinburgh.

Underbelly’s employment conditions are and have been:

  • All staff are paid the enhanced national living wage or more regardless of age
  • No use of volunteers at the Edinburgh Fringe 
  • No zero hour contracts
  • Staff get 100% of tips
  • Breaks are paid
  • Training is paid

Which is all how it should be and how we do it.

Bryan Simpson’s lies about Underbelly are upsetting and unfounded.

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