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The Krumple: My Edinburgh

27th Jul 2016

We caught up with The Krumple Theatre Company ahead of their debut Edinburgh Fringe show at Underbelly Cowgate's Iron Belly 4 - 28 August (not 16) about what they're expecting from the Fringe, and what audiences should expect from their show, Yokai... 

Have you performed at the Fringe before?
This is our first time at the Fringe! Like most virgins we have been warming up with other, smaller fringes, but we are now ripe and ready for the big one - to put it innocently.

Where’s your favourite spot in Edinburgh?
Since it’s the first time we visit Edinburgh we’ve only had the chance to experience the city through Google Maps. Based on what uncle Google proposed to us, these are probably the best spots in the city: Bangholm Recreation Ground, Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental, Edinburgh Corn Exchange and Tesco. We’ll definitely visit all of them.

What will you be packing in your suitcase for the Fringe?
All sorts of rain gear that can protect us from the infamous Edinburgh summer weather.
A bottle of strong Norwegian Aquavit, to strengthen our spirits towards the end of the Fringe.
More rain gear - it’s going to be a great summer.

Do you know who Greyfriars Bobby is?
It sounds like the name of a famous Scottish stripper or a local, sludgy drink. We’d probably stay away from either.

What’s the best show you’ve ever seen at the Fringe?
This is a tough one…. mostly because we haven’t seen any shows there yet. 
Stay tuned for next year’s Q&A!

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give (or have been given) about the Fringe?
Tweet about everything: shows you’ve seen, good venues, nice bars, new people, old people, buses, parks, public toilets, parking lots and so on - this will apparently make people come see our show.

To ceilidh or not to ceilidh?
We hope that this verb has nothing to do with the dubious Greyfriars Bobby, but we take the risk and say: ceilidh!

What can audiences expect from your show?
Expect to see six performers in tight skin-toned apparels, around 250 props, a man with a fish on his head, a premeditated car accident and a couple of seagulls with stomach problems. And, apart from that: expect a highly physical and visual show that won the 1st prize at Les Plateaux du Groupe Gestes 2016 in Paris! Can you ask for more? See you in August!

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