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Underbelly’s Circus Hub Event Report 2015

18th Jan 2016

You've probably heard all about Underbelly's brand new Circus Hub on The Meadows that premiered in 2015 as part of our Edinburgh Festival Fringe offering, and we hope you got to enjoy the spectacular array of international shows! For the first time ever, Fringe-goers had the opportunity to experience a venue dedicated exclusively to international circus, with a first-class line-up of 12 shows, including two European premieres, four UK premieres and five Fringe premieres. 

In 2015, almost 50,000 people bought tickets to shows at Underbelly’s Circus Hub, and our programme of contemporary circus shows gained praise in the local and international press, plus several award nominations, including the Palestinian circus company's B-Orders winning a joint Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus. 

Click here to download the full report on Underbelly’s Circus Hub 2015

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