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“We use the movement of circus to tell the story” - Charlotte Mooney on Ockham’s Razor

14th Aug 2015

One of the incredible circus companies performing at Underbelly's Circus Hub this Fringe are Ockham's Razor, the UK's leading UK aerial theatre company. We chatted to the company's artistic director Charlotte Mooney about their amazing double bill Arc and Every Action, every day at 1.25pm. 

"We are incredibly excited to be performing at the Fringe for the first time, especially as part of the new Circus Hub. We are here with two short pieces: Arc and Every Action. Our work is a combination of physical theatre and circus, each piece is a short story rather than an act; we use the movement of circus to tell that story. Rather than using traditional circus equipment we design original structures for each show. When you see a trapeze rigged on a stage it comes steeped in a very specific history and is loaded with a particular set of expectations. Rather than fight those expectations we create new structures that work as pieces of set, as worlds for the stories to unfold within. We have made suspended metal rafts, giant wooden hamster wheels and glass towers, objects which are in themselves often beautiful and striking but more importantly which also contain the stories.   

We enjoy the sheer inventive pleasure of designing equipment which enables circus artists to find new movement. In Every Action we loop 25 metres of rope over two pulleys suspended from the roof. It's a very simple idea but allows for an extraordinary amount of play and invention. The title comes from Newton's third law: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every move a performer makes affects the others, though when they first climb onto the rope it's not immediately clear what these reactions will be. There is real pleasure for the audience to discover the surprises, the dangers and the thrill of this system alongside the performers. Through the course of the show the innocent performers discover a new world and the audience go on that journey with them." 

Ockham's Razor treated the public to an incredible display of Chinese Pole at The Circus Hub and Udderbelly's Pasture in George Square yesterday, take a look at the photos!


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