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Stocks Sausages & Rosemary Fries

All from a wee little hut in Bristo Square, cooking up Bowers wild boar sausages with caramelised onions and fries with our fresh rosemary salt. Open 12pm 'til late.

The Laughing Stock is a dynamic street food business, who have worked with Underbelly feeding hungry festival goers for the last five years. The company is driven by a desire to provide a wide diversity of the very best quality street food. Run by two michelin trained chefs who gained their knowledge through both extensive travel in Italy, America and Spain and working at some of the top fine dining restaurants worldwide.

All our meat comes from Bowers of Stockbridge where the pigs are organic and the chickens run free. We use local bakers and fruit and vegetable suppliers and all our packaging is compostable.

Venue: George Square

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